Raccoons in Toronto

It is a known fact that there are raccoons in Toronto, especially during the winters. The fact is that they love to nibble on car keys and even cars.

They usually come into the zoo either by accident or when people walk in the zoo. So, you can say that the animals in the zoo are quite helpless when confronted with raccoons. There are lots of tricks to catch a raccoon but you will need to hire a local professional if you are looking for Toronto raccoon removal from private property.

We have some general ideas about how to catch raccoons. So, here are some methods. As a general rule, it is always recommended to wear something that can provide protection from the wind.

Keep dogs away from your home. Raccoons usually leave at dusk and move in when there is no one else in the area.

Pets should not be left alone at night. This makes a raccoon aware of your pets and their feeding habits. If you leave your pets out, the raccoons will probably find them.

Feeding your pet at the same time as your raccoons can also cause problems. The raccoons usually go for the food. But, if you do feed your pets at the same time as them, the raccoons might eat the food and then come back to your house and eat the food in your house. This is why it is not recommended.

Raccoons are really social animals. So, this means that if they find something that they like, they will keep going in the same direction. If you throw food towards them, they will surely come back to the same spot. If they notice that they are not getting what they want, they will go back and look for food somewhere else.

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